Himalayan Quartz

divine guidance - enlightenment - oneness with the Universe - pure energy - ancient wisdom & knowledge - synchronicity - clarity - enhances psychic abilities -  healing - spiritual growth

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History & Origin:

Himalayan Quartz is an ancient & rare variety of Quartz that forms in the sacred Himalayan 
Mountains. Due to the steep & difficult terrain of this location, these crystals have to be hand-extracted, which can prove challenging & even dangerous. 

Metaphysical Properties:

These ancient Quartz crystals hold a pure & delicate energy, reflecting their fragile nature. Himalayan Quartz carries within the wisdom, history & knowledge of the past & the Universe. It can heighten spiritual awareness & help you connect & communicate with ancient beings & spirit guides. As a ‘Master Healer,’ Himalayan Quartz can help you through the healing process & assist you in manifesting the life of your dreams. This high-vibrational stone can inspire clarity as well as clear any mental confusion, difficulties with memory or lack of focus. Himalayan Quartz can assist with recalling dreams or past-life experiences. It is excellent for amplifying surrounding stones & focusing, releasing, storing or transmuting the energy in your space. Its healing & cleansing vibration can transform & remove negativity from your life & replace it with positivity, harmony & light. 

How to use:

Hold in your hand & tell it your wishes to program it with intent & purpose. Place next to other stones to enhance their energy. Hold a piece while meditating to connect with the Universe & spirit realm. Place in your home or workplace to bring guidance & cleanse the environment of any negative energy. 

Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz

These pastel pink Himalayan Quartz crystals hold a pure & delicate energy, reflecting their fragile nature. Deriving its name from Samadhi - a state of meditative consciousness, oneness & bliss  - this variety of Quartz carries a high-vibrational energy that can assist you on your path towards enlightenment.