grounding - clears confusion - removes negativity - protection - mental organisation - willpower - security - stability - evokes deep thought - strength

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History & Origin:

Hematite is an iron oxide crystal that displays a shining metallic-like lustre. It is an important ore of iron & one of the most abundant minerals on the Earth's surface & within the shallow crust. Mentioned around 300-325 BCE by Theophrastus, it gets its name from the Greek words, "αιματίτις λίθος" ("aematitis lithos") meaning "blood stone", likely due to its bright red powdered streak. This mineral is incredibly special & loved by many, for good reason. Not only was it used by cultures across the globe for centuries, it has also been found on the surface of Mars. Known once by the name 'The Iron Rose,' Hematite has long been associated with magic, protection & blood. This stone has been used since the Stone Age for decoration & writing, as well as in warpaint in Native tribes.

Metaphysical Properties:

This gem carries an aura of power & strength - reminiscent of Mars, the Roman God of War. A stone of grounding, practicality & mental strength, Hematite can boost self-esteem, willpower & assertiveness. It is known to inspire practical action, refocus the mind & stay present within thoughts rather than trying to distract from them. Having Hematite nearby feels like a powerful & fierce companion who is there to keep you safe & secure. It acts as a protective cloak, shielding you from any bad vibes & draining energy you may pick up on throughout the day. Because of this, Hematite is the perfect stone for empaths & people pleasers, as well as highly sensitive, dreamy or ungrounded individuals. 

How to use:

Place over your Root Chakra to bring strength & grounding. Carry with you to encourage practical thinking, protection & inner power.

! This stone should avoid contact with water. 

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