Hawk's Eye

Also known as: Blue Tiger Eye

brings insight - eases social anxiety - calming - protection - brings safety when travelling - enhances communication - reduces stress - balancing

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History & Origin:

Hawk’s Eye is a blue variety of the well-loved golden Tiger Eye. Like Tiger Eye, this mineral is a variety of Quartz that displays a beautiful chatoyant or cat’s eye effect. This effect is caused by the reflection & scattering of light by parallel fibrous inclusions, such as Crocidolite (a form of Asbestos), within the stone. The blue variety of Tiger Eye is formed from an incomplete pseudomorphism (one mineral replacing another) of Quartz after Crocidolite into Limonite, leaving behind a grey to navy hue. This stone is often mined in countries such as South Africa, Namibia, India, Canada & Brazil.

Metaphysical Properties:

Hawk’s Eye is an incredibly soothing stone known for its ability to ease stress & aid communication. This crystal has a comforting, relaxing energy that heals the Throat Chakra. It eases nerves & anxiety when speaking to others & can aid in relief from fears, phobias or hot tempers. It is especially beneficial for easing the fear of flying & public speaking. Hawk’s Eye is said to act as a guardian against nightmares, shielding individuals from negativity, malicious intentions, & envious gossip. Additionally, this stone is thought to enhance perception & intuition. Since Hawks are symbolically representative of being all-seeing & all-knowing, Hawk’s Eye holds similar attributes of enhanced profound insight. This stone can grant a heightened awareness, allowing one to perceive beyond the surface & unravel hidden truths.

How to use:

Carry a Hawk’s Eye in your pocket to stay calm, confident & relaxed in any situation. Bring one with you when travelling to ease anxiety & bring protection against negative intent. Hold a piece when speaking in public to calm nerves. Meditate with one when feeling overwhelmed, angry or anxious.

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