Green Kyanite

express love - flow with the Universe - connection to nature - nourishment - harmony & equilibrium - truth - lucid dreaming - Earth spirits & magic - renewal - heart healing

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History & Origin:

Green Kyanite is a aluminium silicate belonging to the Nesosilicate group. It typically crystallises in elongated bladed structures, forming long, flattened, & striated crystals. These crystals often exhibit a stunning green colour, which can range from soft aqua to a deep emerald. This mineral is considered fairly new & can be found all around the world, with India being a major source. Kyanite was once commonly called "disthene," meaning "two strengths," due to its variable hardness when tested against differing axes.

Metaphysical Properties:

Green Kyanite is one of the few minerals that does not need recharging or cleansing. It is especially supportive for the Heart Chakra, opening the emotional body to receive & express love with ease. With a powerful connection to the natural world, Green Kyanite can encourage connection & communication with the Earth & all its magic. It brings healing, nourishment & harmony, as well as invites growth, renewal & new beginnings into your life. Green Kyanite assists you in discovering the deepest truth found only within the heart, & allows you discern the true intentions of others. Because of this, this stone can be especially helpful to those who are searching for honesty & the truth of any matter or situation. Carrying Green Kyanite with you can aid when in the company of those who are mysterious or hard-to-read, as well as inspire your own inner truth to be shared to the world.

How to use:

Take along with you on walks or hikes to inspire connection with the Earth & nature spirits. Place in a potted plant to encourage growth, renewal & healing in your life. Hold over your Heart Chakra to bring inner truth, love & harmony.