Green Calcite

prosperity - abundance - wealth - growth - healing - balance - renewal - reduces fear - awakens the heart - opens one up to love - removes stagnant energy - health

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History & Origin:

Green Calcite is a stunning green variety of the calcium carbonate mineral Calcite. It can appear in different shades of green - from a blue-green known as Aqua Calcite (see below), to a yellow-green, known as Pistachio Calcite or Green Onyx (see below.) While Calcite is extremely abundant in the Earth's crust, Green varieties are less common. It is mostly found in Pakistan & India.

Metaphysical Properties:

Green Calcite holds a healing, cleansing energy that resonates strongly with the Heart Chakra. This crystal inspires divine love, harmony & balance, & releases any pain or heartache. Green Calcite encourages positive growth in all areas of life, whether personal, professional or financial. By removing stagnant energy, this crystal acts as powerful magnet for wealth, abundance & success. One of the most healing crystals around, Green Calcite can bring encouragement, hope & positivity to anyone going through a challenging health journey. Because of its powerful ability to renew & heal, it is important to cleanse this crystal often.

How to use:

Hold over heart to release negative emotions & inspire healing. Place in plants to encourage growth, renewal & hope. Keep in workspace or near a money-box or purse to invite prosperity & abundance.

Aqua Calcite

A beautiful combination of blue & green Calcite that was recently discovered in Pakistan. Its soft mint colour can bring feelings of relaxation as well as activate the Throat Chakra.

Pistachio Calcite

Pistachio Calcite is a variety of banded Green Calcite that often displays brown & white bands. It is sometimes sold under the names Pakistan or Mexican Onyx, Pakistan Jade or Green Onyx. This soft yellow-green stone carries a close connection to the planet Mercury, bringing knowledge, inner wisdom & communication from the heart.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight & contact with water.

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