Green Aventurine

Also known as: The Gambler's Stone

attracts wealth - relaxing - abundance - heals the heart - mental clarity - brings good luck - encourages personal growth - opportunity

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History & Origin:

Green Aventurine is a light to deep chrome green variety of microcrystalline quartz, which is coloured by vibrant green Fuchsite inclusions. Most types of Aventurine display a shimmering or glistening appearance (often referred to as aventurescence) which is commonly caused by flakes of brilliant Mica or other reflective minerals. While most Aventurine on the market comes from mines throughout Brazil, this stone can also be commonly found in Russia & India.

Metaphysical Properties:

Green Aventurine is one of the luckiest stones in the mineral kingdom, known for bringing new opportunities, prosperity & wealth. This stone releases old patterns, habits & disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism & a zest for life, allowing you to move forward with confidence & embrace change. It encourages leadership qualities & helps with decision making. Green Aventurine stimulates growth, physically, mentally & spiritually. It can also be used in the garden to encourage plants to grow healthy. This stone can also help bring romance into your life, especially for older individuals.  

How to use:

Carry one with you to bring everyday luck & to boost your chances of success in any situation - from a first date, to a competition to even landing a promotion. Place on the heart to relax, open & rebalance the Heart Chakra. Put one in your garden to bring prosperity & encourage your plants to grow. Place in the home to bring abundance & tranquility.

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