Grape Agate

Also known as: Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony

self-discovery - inner vision - inspiration - gentleness - composure - awakening intuition - dream work - releases defensiveness - draws like-minded people to you

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History & Origin:

Grape Agate is the trade name for purple aggregates of tiny Quartz crystals with a spherical habit. The name reflects its purple colour & cluster form, which resembles a bunch of grapes. This material entered the mineral market in 2016 & quickly gained popularity for its interesting & unique shape. Mineralogically speaking, Grape Agate is not a true Agate, but more accurately referred to as a Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony. When magnified, each individual "ball" has a sparkling, druzy-like surface. It is found in the Mamuju area, near the western coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia, as well as in some locations within Utah, USA. While the violet coloured Grape Agate is highly desirable, sometimes the addition of Celadonite gives the specimen a beautiful mossy green hue.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone aligns the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, as well as the Soul Star Chakra. It enhances intuition & awareness, & is especially powerful for brining insightful & vivid dreams. Grape Agate is a stone of spiritual discovery & community. It has the incredible ability to invite similar-minded people into your life to help support you on your journey of learning & growth. This is the perfect crystal for anyone who is involved in group spiritual practices & wants to inspire a sense of deep connection & kinship with others. Surrounding yourself with kind & gentle souls can inspire self-discovery, security & assurance. This stone releases any feelings of defensiveness & helps you keep composure & maturity through hardship. It can also provide great inspiration to artists & musicians, especially those who perform or create in a group setting.

How to use:

Place over your Third Eye or Crown to bring inner vision, heighten spiritual awareness & strengthen intuition. Keep nearby to inspire companionship & soul connection. Display on a bedside table to bring inspiration & clarity through dreams.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight.