Golden Mica

fulfilment - achievement - success - willpower - commitment ~ goals - uplifting - releases negative self-talk - encouragement - self-reflection - soothes hesitation & overthinking

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History & Origin:

Golden Mica is a variety of Muscovite Mica that crystallises in an unusual form of delicate scales & sheets. Often displaying a beautiful metallic yellow shimmer (caused by the presence of Iron) this sparkling stone encourages you to shine & let your talents be seen by the world. 

Metaphysical Properties:

Bringing success, achievement & recognition, this gem inspires you to go after your goals & dreams with strength & passion. It brings a positive & hopeful perspective, & helps you reflect & recognise all your wonderful inner qualities & gifts. It reduces nervous energy & allows you to better deal with criticism. Golden Mica assists you in acknowledging flaws without being hard on yourself, so that you can effectively work through any negative traits or behaviours in order to grow. If you have been letting doubt, hesitation or negative thoughts get in the way of your goals & dreams, this crystal can encourage you to take the first step towards the life & person you want to be. 

How to use:

Carry with you to draw success & opportunity towards you. Hold in your hand to bring hope, positivity & self-belief. Practice your skills & talents with this stone by your side. 

! This stone should avoid contact with water.