Golden Healer Quartz

golden energy - master healer - curiosity - higher consciousness - wonder - life force - cheerfulness - removes negativity - joy - connection with spirit

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History & Origin:

Golden Healer is a type of Quartz containing Iron oxide, that appears as golden brushstrokes of sunlight within. It can also be called Ferruginous Quartz, which is defined as a Quartz crystal coloured in yellow, red, or brown tones by inclusions of iron compounds. This stone shares similarities with Fire/Red Hematoid Quartz.

Metaphysical Properties:

This crystal holds a sunny yet incredibly powerful energy, lifting spirits & strengthening life force & vitality. Like the brilliant sun it resembles, this stone engulfs any darkness or negativity around you, replacing it with positivity & wonder. It illuminates the hidden & wraps around you like a warm, cosy blanket, surrounding you with joy, happiness & warmth. As a Grand Master of healing, Golden Healer Quartz is often used by practitioners to heal the body, mind & Chakras. But, unlike some other healing stones, this crystal works on a multi-dimensional level, removing blockages & negative energy carried by the soul & from past lives.

How to use:

Use in combination with Citrine to bring light, joy & warmth into your life. Hold in your hand to inspire positivity & raise your vibration. Use during meditation to encourage release, cleansing & healing on a deep energetic & emotional level.