Also known as: Green Moonstone

replenishment - finding balance between giving & receiving - luck - rest & recovery - harmony - positive change - self-care - abundance - setting boundaries - acquisition

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History & Origin:

Garnierite, or Green Moonstone, is a beautiful mint green variety of Serpentine, rich in Nickel ore. It was named after French geologist Jules Garnier who first discovered it in 1864 in New Caledonia. While it is sometimes incorrectly labelled as Moonstone (Feldspar), no composition or formula has been universally adopted. It can sometimes be found in combination with Feldspar, which is what gives certain stones a subtle iridescence.

Metaphysical Properties:

Garnierite is a crystal of self-love, self-worth & self-respect. It encourages positive change & works alongside you to implement personal rules & boundaries. By doing so, this stone can replace feelings of being tired, depleted or burnt out with joy, excitement & inner harmony. This gem serves as a reminder to give as much love & care to yourself as you give others. If you often find yourself in the role of a nurturer, helper or healer, this stone will help you find a healthy balance between giving & receiving. Like a well-deserved holiday, Garnierite encourages you to take time understanding, caring & healing yourself. It holds a replenishing, renewing energy that can help you recover from people, places, or situations that have drained your energy. Garnierite inspires you to work towards your goals & dreams whilst still leaving time for rest & play. It brings luck & abundance, as well as helps you acquire new friends, new opportunities & a new outlook on life.

How to use:

Keep nearby to inspire growth, change & abundance. Carry with you to inspire harmony, encourage relaxation & rest, & help you maintain healthy boundaries.

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