Fossil Coral

universal knowledge - change - inner wisdom - balances mind, body & spirit - grounding - reconciliation - connect to the ocean - rejuvenation - protection

* For simplicity, the information below outlines the mineral properties of Agatized Fossil Coral, where Agate is the replacement mineral rather than Calcite.

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History & Origin:

Fossil Coral is a stone comprised of ancient coral remains, often displaying a beautiful flower or feather-like pattern. Forming over a period of millions of years, the once living coral becomes fossilised & preserved, replaced with Silica (like Agate), Iron, Manganese or other minerals such as Calcite. Corals are marine animals that have been growing in oceans around the world for almost 500 million years. Deposits of ancient coral have been mined for many years for the production of high quality calcium, potassium, magnesium & sodium, which can be used in health supplements or even in fertilisers & water purification filters. These Fossil Corals can be found primarily in Indonesia & the United States, particularly in Michigan, Florida & Georgia. In fact, Lake Michigan shores have fossils known as Petoskey Stones. These stones originate from mass coral colonies of the species known as Hexagonaria percarinata, that date back to the Devonian period 350 million years ago.

Metaphysical Properties:

Tied to the deep, calming ocean waters, this stone can soothe, refresh & rejuvenate the soul. Fossil Coral is grounding yet also serves as a window into lifetimes long ago. It connects you with the wisdom, mystery & ancient knowledge of the past. Additionally, Fossil Coral allows you to communicate with your distant ancestors, inviting in their guidance & healing. This magical fossilised stone has the ability to put life into perspective & show you what is truly important. By recognising the bigger picture, Fossil Coral encourages you to reconcile & seek closure with others in your life, as well as revealing to you the long-term changes that must be made to bring fulfilment, happiness & joy. As you work towards your dream life, this ancient gem will ensure you are protected & supported along each step of the way.

How to use:

Hold in your hand to inspire perspective, grounding & rejuvenation. Keep near to encourage reconciliation & strength through major change. Use during meditation to connect with ancient wisdom & ancestral beings.