Also known as: Fluorspar, The Genius Stone

cleansing - brings wisdom - balance - intuition - focus - protection - enhances mental clarity - decision making - organisation   

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History & Origin:

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride mineral belonging to the Halide group. A natural source of Fluorine, it commonly forms in hydrothermal veins in the Earth's crust as well as in cavities in sedimentary rocks - crystallising in masses, cubic, & octahedral crystals. Often called "the most colourful mineral in the world," this gem is well-loved for it's vast array of hues & beautiful colour zoning. This mineral is allochromatic, & in fact colourless in its pure form - but often tinted by impurities, radiation exposure, & the absence of voids of the colour centres. In 1852, Fluorite gave its name to the phenomenon of Fluorescence. Physicist Sir George Gabriel Stokes discovered certain specimens would glow a blue-violet under ultraviolet light. Fluorite can be found in a wide range of locations, though the top producers are China & Mexico. Other locations include England (where the famous Blue John Fluorite is found), Peru & Switzerland (rare pink crystals), Brazil, USA, Russia, South Africa, Morocco & Mongolia.

Metaphysical Properties:

With such a vast array of colours, each variation of Fluorite holds its own unique power & properties, with green bringing balance & healing, blue bringing calmness & clear communication, & purple, heightening intuition & aiding spiritual balance. Despite their differences, which are outlined in further detail below, all types of Fluorite both activate & energise the aura, as well as all the Chakras. This gem encourages organisation & order, both physically & mentally, & can help bring clarity & stability to chaotic situations. Fluorite can assist students as it enhances concentration & strengthens the ability to take in information. It absorbs negative energy & stress, clears the mind of clutter, removes confusion & aids decision making.

How to use:

Hold a piece when feeling mentally overwhelmed or needing to make a difficult decision. Place one in your workspace or home to encourage order & mental/physical organisation. Hold one while meditating to bring calmness, healing & to cleanse the aura & chakras. 

Blue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite brings clarity, focus, order & calmness to a busy mind. Connected to both the Throat & Third Eye Chakras, this is the perfect stone for receiving spiritual messages & enhancing communication, making it great for healers, psychic readers, writers, therapists or anyone who has difficulty speaking up. It inspires gentle honesty & understanding, as well as trust & serenity. Soothing anxiety & mental chatter, Blue Fluorite is calming for the nerves & removes the fogginess caused by a worried mind. It is beneficial for people who struggle to fall asleep and individuals who deal with numbers, detailed or mentally straining work on a daily basis. It also is linked to higher-awareness, spiritual awakenings & past-life experiences, & encourages you to heal & work though any karmic lessons. 

Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite is a highly spiritual stone, that can bring psychic insights, dreams, visions, as well as strengthen intuition & clairvoyant abilities. Some cultures believe that Fluorite is connected with magic & past lives, making it perfect for healers & spiritual students. This stone is a bridge between the mental & spiritual worlds, balancing & connecting your intuition & your rational mind together. By awakening the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, this crystal helps support you on your spiritual journey.

Green Fluorite

Green Fluorite is connected to Earth energies & can bring healing & harmony to mind & body. It is a stone of creation, development, growth & new beginnings. When setting off on a new adventure, this wonderful crystal can bring support & help you see the path ahead clearly. Like the spring air, Green Fluorite inspires a fresh start & helps you heal & move on from past hurts. This stone can release heartache & renew the Heart Chakra, awakening it to love. It will bring you mental sharpness, focus, originality, quick thinking & new ideas, making it a perfect stone for students. Green Fluorite is also a wonderful gardening companion as it can inspire growth & regeneration.

Lavender Fluorite

Lavender or Yttrium/Yttrian Fluorite is an uncommon form of Fluorite, known for its soft, dreamy colour & high-vibrational energy. It is a highly spiritual & soothing stone, that can bring psychic insights, dreams & visions. This wonderful crystal acts as a protective shield against negative thoughts & nightmares. Known as ‘The Quiet Intuition Stone,’ Lavender Fluorite can support you during meditation by helping you sink deeply into a relaxed state. It can connect you to higher realms as well as bring concentration, focus, divine ideas & soothe any clutter in your mind. 

Yellow Fluorite

Yellow or Golden Fluorite is known to inspire self-expression, creativity & positive thinking. It carries a connection to the warm & vibrant energy of summer, bringing optimism, happiness & excitement. Yellow Fluorite shares a special connection with both the Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras. Because of this, it can bring sudden inspiration, new ideas & divine guidance when crafting & creating. A happy & positive stone, Yellow Fluorite can switch negative, destructive thoughts into positive, constructive ones. It soothes judgement or critical remarks directed towards oneself, helping you to work & create without limitations holding you back. This stone clears mental fog, confusion & disorganisation, motivating you to stay on track with the task at hand. Yellow Fluorite encourages us to use our gifts for the greatest good & harness our talents to help & inspire others. 

Rainbow or Candy Fluorite

Multi-Coloured Fluorite, better known as Rainbow or Candy Fluorite, combines the magic of all colours into one. It often appears striped, zig-zagged & can range from transparent to opaque. Like a vibrant rainbow, this stone can carry wonder, joy & clarity. Whether a mix of soothing greens & relaxing blues, or vibrant purples & golden yellows, look to these specific Fluorite colour meanings above & discover how they blend together on a spiritual level.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight & should avoid contact with water. 

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