enhancing - powers up other crystals - emotional  healing - connected to herbal medicine - growth - life changes - law of attraction - abundance - manifestation

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History & Origin:

Epidote is both a mineral & mineral group. It forms in metamorphic and igneous rocks & is admired for its unique crystal formation & deep yellow-green colour, caused by iron ions in the mineral lattice.

Metaphysical Properties:

Epidote is known for its powerful ability to enhance anything it touches. Not only does it enhance the energy of your space, it also draws towards you what you desire most. An amazing stone for attracting your goals & dreams, Epidote can help you manifest anything you desire. By programing your intention into your crystals, it can bring forth abundance, new beginnings, changes & prosperity. Closely associated to herbal, plant & natural medicines, Epidote can help you connect to the healing powers of the Earth. Because of this, it is a fantastic companion for herbalists, naturopaths or green witches to keep nearby when working or spell casting. 

How to use:

Pair with joyful crystals such as Yellow Calcite or Citrine to encourage positivity & boost your mood. Keep nearby to other crystals to enhance their abilities. Hold whilst writing your intentions to strengthen the powers of manifestation & law of attraction.

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