Elestial Quartz

Also known as: Skeletal Quartz, Window Quartz, Jacare Quartz or Crocodile Quartz

cosmic guidance - angelic communication - unlocks memories & information - spiritual expansion - transitions - eases fear - divine love - powerful meditation companion

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History & Origin:

Elestial Quartz, also known as Skeletal, Window, Jacare or Crocodile Quartz, is a unique formation most often seen in Smoky, Citrine, or Clear Quartz. Elestial Crystals are recognisable by their multi-layered, stepped appearance, which is often accompanied by multiple terminations & triangular etchings. In some cases, water bubbles (enhydros) can be found within!

Metaphysical Properties:

Elestials hold an angelic & almost otherworldly energy. Their high vibration makes them a powerful tool for healers, spiritualists or anyone seeking to unlock their spiritual gifts & better understand messages from higher realms. Acting as a window into the spiritual world, Elestials can bridge the gap between our world & the spirit world - inspiring communication, guidance & messages. Furthermore, the unique etchings on the stone’s surface are said to hold mystical information about the past, present & future. This powerful stone can bring Divine Love, helping to dissipate all fears & doubts, especially to those who are grieving or in the process of transitioning from this world to the next. It can support you in uncovering the root cause of negative patterns & better understanding your karma. As a transmitter of cosmic consciousness, Elestials can bring you the guidance & support you’ve been seeking.

How to use:

Trace your fingers over the etchings to receive insight, guidance & messages. Use during meditation to tap into the library of knowledge, uncover soul memories from the past, & better interpret spiritual messages. Carry with you to receive guidance & insight. Hold in your hand to release fears & surround yourself in divine love & light.