patience - self-discipline - enhances intuition - order & organisation - divine guidance - expression of the higher self - mental enhancement - relaxation - calm during the storm

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History & Origin:

Dumortierite is an Aluminium Boro-Silicate mineral that commonly displays a vibrant navy blue colour. Often found in combination with Quartz, this mineral was named in honour of French paleontologist, Eugène Dumortier, after it was discovered in 1881 in France. A few major sources of Dumortierite include Rhone-Alpes, France, Nevada, USA & Ambositra, Madagascar.

Metaphysical Properties:

This calming gem can bring order to chaos, helping you stay positive, calm & focused during times of crisis. A stone of patience, this crystal can encourage you to let go of restless thinking & remind you to trust in the divine timing of the Universe. Whether communicating or creating, Dumortierite can help you tap into your higher self’s truth. It can aid honest & truthful expression from the soul, helping you speak, write, paint or create from a place of magic within. Dumortierite encourages you to stay cool under pressure & supports you on both a mental & emotional level to keep you organised, concentrated & relaxed. This stone can support memory, inspire clarity & enhance intellectual & intuitive abilities. It is a perfect companion for easing flustered emotions & bringing order & stillness when taking exams, presentations, working or studying.

How to use:

Keep a piece of Dumortierite nearby when studying or working to stay relaxed & organised. Carry with to inspire calmness, patience, order & mental clarity during overwhelming times. Place over your Third Eye Chakra to inspire higher self communication & bring insightful spiritual guidance.