Dragon’s Blood

sparks passion - breaking habits - fearlessness - encourages steady progress - self-confidence - dragon energy - ignites self-reflection - overcomes obstacles - adaptability

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History & Origin:

Dragon’s Blood, sometimes simply called Dragon’s Stone, is a unique crystal most likely comprised of green Epidote, Quartz & red splashes of the mineral Piemontite. This stone associated with strength & courage can be found in two main locations; Western Australia & South Africa. 

Metaphysical Properties:

According to legend, Dragon’s Blood invokes the power & fearlessness of mighty dragons. Like these mythological creatures, this crystal holds a fiery determination that can inspire confidence, motivation, & resilience through hardship. It illuminates the path of victory ahead & encourages you to work passionately towards your goals & dreams, taking time every so often to reflect & see just how far you’ve come. Dragon’s Blood is known for its incredible healing properties & its power to ease uncertainty, self-doubt & fear. This stone of bravery can release self-sabotaging behaviours & habits, encouraging positive change, flexibility & personal growth. With this stone by your side, you will be supported by a fierce dragon companion who will guide & protect you on the path towards your destiny.

How to use:

Meditate with Dragons Blood to encourage self-reflection & inspire inner healing. Carry with you to ignite your inner fire & passion on your adventures. Keep near during times of hardship to encourage perseverance, strength & conviction.