Also known as: Achrite, Kirghisite

present focus - awakening love - healing - letting go - past life regression - connect to the higher heart chakra - forgiveness - resolve karmic issues - release jealousy, insecurity & anger

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History & Origin:

Dioptase is an intense & uncommon blue-green copper cyclosilicate mineral that occurs around other copper bearing minerals such as Chrysocolla, Malachite & Shattuckite. First discovered in the late 1700’s, Dioptase was commonly mistaken for Emerald. It wasn’t until 1797 that it was named & officially recorded into the mineral kingdom by the French mineralogist René Just Haüy. It can be found mostly in desert regions, such as Kazakhstan, Chile, Namibia, Russia, Argentina & south-western USA, where it forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of copper sulfide mineral deposits. Because of it’s fragile & brittle nature, Dioptase serves mainly as a collectors item rather than faceting material for jewellery.

Metaphysical Properties:

Sparkling with vibrant blues & greens, this beautiful gem allows us to get in touch with our not-so-pleasant emotions - such as envy, betrayal, resentment, anger & insecurity, assisting us in recognising them & taking steps forward to releasing them. If you have found yourself stuck in life or unable to move ahead, Dioptase can support you in discovering the source of your blockages. This is a stone of forgiveness, both for others & for oneself. It encourages you to heal the past in order to be free of any baggage still carried. By doing so, Dioptase can inspire you to embrace & enjoy the present without anything holding you back. This stone also works on a spiritual & soul level by allowing you to resolve, heal & let go of any karmic ties preventing you from living a full life. It activates the Third Eye, Heart & Higher Heart Chakra, opening & awakening the divine love & compassion you hold within.

How to use:

Place in your home to bring forgiveness, growth, inner healing, as well as encourage you to live in the present moment. Use during meditation to release resentment & assist in uncovering & resolving karmic issues from the past.

! This stone should avoid prolonged contact with water.