Desert Rose

Also known as: Gypsum Rose, Sand Rose

purification - peace - clarity of mind - stimulates intuition - protection - cleansing - meditation aid - messages from the spirit world - inner growth

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History & Origin:

Desert Rose, also known as Gypsum or Sand Rose, is a fascinating variety of Gypsum or Barite, formed by a combination of water, wind, & sand. Its unique “rosette” formation resembles a blooming rose or flower, which is symbolic of its ability to promote self-improvement & personal, emotional & spiritual growth. They form in arid sandy conditions in places such as the Sahara Desert, the Namib Desert, & the Mojave Desert, where the evaporation of water leaves behind the minerals.

Metaphysical Properties:

A stone of clarity, relaxation & serenity, Desert Rose makes the perfect meditation companion. By stimulating visualisation, as well as activating both the Solar Plexus & Crown Chakras, this stone can act as a powerful tool for manifestation. It may be small & unassuming, but Desert Rose provides a connection between you & the Universe, bringing your truest dreams into a reality. It promotes a calm & peaceful environment as it cleanses negativity & turns it into positive energy. Furthermore, Desert Rose encourages you to connect with the spirit world, bringing messages of support & love from your guides & loved ones.

How to use:

Like the flower it resembles, keep this crystal nearby to help you to grow, blossom & flourish. Place within the home to inspire clarity, peace & spiritual awareness. Since it is a form of Selenite, use this stone as a meditation aid or a companion for your crystals to purify, cleanse & renew surrounding energy. 

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight & contact with water.