Cobaltoan Calcite

Also known as: Cobalt Calcite, Aphrodite Stone

unconditional love - forgiveness - releases burdens & buried
emotions - self-discovery - opens the heart to new love - uplifting - harmony - connection to Aphrodite

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History & Origin:

Cobaltoan Calcite is a unique & uncommon variety of Calcite, known for its vibrant, neon pink colour. Its magenta hue is caused by Cobalt impurities, with varying amounts of Cobalt determining its saturation. It is often found displaying tiny, sparkling druzy crystals, & can be combined with additional minerals such as Malachite. This mineral was first discovered in the Calamita mine in Tuscany, Italy, with other notable locations including Morocco, Congo, & Spain.

Metaphysical Properties:

This is a stone of love & a powerful healer of the heart. It helps reveal true emotions & uncovers grief, pain or heartache not yet addressed. By breaking down walls surrounding your heart, this stone inspires you to release any long-held burdens & discover unconditional love, both within & around you. Sometimes described as a mischievous stone, Cobaltoan Calcite holds a playful & colourful energy that allows you to connect & heal your inner child. It inspires understanding, forgiveness & self-compassion as well as harmony & balance within partnerships. This uplifting gem is perfect for long-distance relationships or healing work, as it sends its loving energy far & wide. Known as the Aphrodite Stone, Cobaltoan Calcite can also help you connect to the soothing energies of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love & beauty.

How to use:

Keep near to inspire love, harmony & self-discovery. Hold over the heart to encourage self-forgiveness, release buried emotions & heal your inner child. Place next to a photo of someone faraway to send them your love.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight & contact with water.