Also known as: The Merchant's Stone

attracts abundance - brings joy & happiness - empowering - promotes clarity - creativity - energising - positivity - enhances willpower - manifestation - wealth - self-confidence

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History & Origin:

Natural Citrine, deriving from the Greek word Lemon, is a rare & beautiful variety of Quartz displaying a golden-champagne, orange-brown or a deep-red orange hue, (known as Madeira Citrine.) This sunny gem can be found in the same geological environments as Smoky Quartz & in locations such as Russia, Colombia, Congo, Madagascar, Spain, France & South Africa. It is the modern birthstone for the month of November & commonly imitated with heat-treated Amethyst (see below.)

Metaphysical Properties:

Citrine is known for bringing warmth, happiness & joy. This crystal has many positive and healing properties. From inspiring confidence, motivation & clarity, to bringing optimism, healing & creativity, Citrine does it all. Carrying the power of the sun, this crystal is excellent for overcoming sadness, fears & phobias, & building self-worth. It brings with it a radiance that will encourage you to look forward to the future. Citrine will help to calm anger, allowing you to positively embrace constructive criticism from others.

How to use:

Hold one when you are feeling sad to inspire joy, happiness & hope. Place one over your Solar Plexus Chakra to bring power, inspiration & creativity. Hold one while saying affirmations to help them become reality.

Heat-Treated Citrine

Believe it or not, the warm, amber-coloured Citrine you are familiar with may not be true Citrine at all. In fact, the rare & incredibly expensive natural Citrine is frequently another type of Quartz in disguise. These semi-precious gems are created by heat-treating Amethyst or even Smoky Quartz to gain the desired colour. This is essentially the same process that happens naturally underground, humans are just mimicking this using an oven & a shorter amount of time. This is why treated Citrine is still considered to have the same healing properties as its natural counterpart.

As opposed to natural Citrine (which is quite rare) treated Citrine has a more soft & subtle vibe, perfect for individuals who are highly sensitive to strong energies.

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