Also known as: Australian Jade

healing a broken heart - love - happiness - abundance - connection to Venus & springtime - grace - hope - fortune - divine truth - reveals compassion within others & oneself

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History & Origin:

Chrysoprase, also known as Australian Jade, is an apple-green variety of Chalcedony that owes its colour to trace amounts of nickel. Its name is derived from the Greek word chrysos meaning 'gold' & prasinon, meaning 'green'. A cryptocrystalline mineral, Chrysoprase can be found in a variety of locations such as Australia, Tanzania, Poland, Germany, Russia, Brazil & the USA. This dazzling green stone is associated with the mighty Alexander the Great (it was supposedly his favourite gem & brought him great fortune) as well as the Roman Goddess of Love, Venus, & the Spring season of renewal & growth. 

Metaphysical Properties:

From healing the heart through loss & separation, to inspiring a positive & hopeful outlook, Chrysoprase can act as the perfect companion during hard times. It can fix a broken heart, restore self-confidence & encourage you to be kind to yourself, & to others, during moments of hardship or sadness. It can support you through challenging relationships & inspire you to act with eloquence, poise & honesty. This crystal can encourage commitment, dispel unhealthy co-dependency, inspire child-like joy within partnerships, as well assist you with gracefully articulating your true thoughts & feelings. Chrysoprase gently reminds you that you deserve to fall in love with yourself, that you deserve to be loved, & you deserve to be treated kindly. 

How to use:

Happiness, prosperity, abundance & good fortune follow this stone wherever it goes, so keep it near to discover its true power. Hold over your heart to inspire healing & support emotional health.

! Please handle with care, this stone should avoid direct sunlight.