Also known as: Cross Stone

protection - rebirth - transformation - brings harmony to conflicts - good fortune - faith - helps you become aware of surrounding energies - eases unwanted fears

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History & Origin:

Chiastolite is a rare variety of Andalusite that is known for its distinctive cross-shaped pattern. This unique mark is the result of black inclusions of Graphite & Carbon within the stone. It is currently found in three main localities; Massachusetts, USA, Asturias in Spain & South Australia. From holding divine messages from the Gods, to acting as a good luck charm & a talisman of protection against the Evil Eye, Chiastolite’s sacred & special markings have led many to believe it holds mystical powers. It was a particularly important stone during 16th century Spain, where they were carried as amulets on religious pilgrimages, as well as for the colonists of Lancaster, Massachusetts, who sent these treasures back to England, eager to share their mysterious cross-marked discoveries.

Metaphysical Properties:

This gem can deflect negativity & act as an alarm to warn you when people or situations don’t feel quite right. By doing so, Chiastolite can work alongside you in removing the things weighing down your energy. Long being associated with spirituality, this crystal can guide you towards your divine path & restore your faith. A stone that represents the cycle of death & rebirth, Chiastolite can bring major change & transformation, as well as ease fears surrounding endings & the afterlife. This stone can also help with anyone struggling to control their emotions & anger during disputes. Holding a harmonious & balanced energy, Chiastolite can encourage peaceful resolutions to arguments & assist in resolving longstanding conflict.

How to use:

Place Chiastolite at your front door to protect you & your home from negative energy. Carry with you to inspire faith, transformation & harmony.