Also known as: Celestine

calming - gentleness - relieves anxiety - harmony - connection to guardian angels - peace - purifying - sleep aid - brings spiritual messages - connection to higher realms - divine timing

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History & Origin:

Celestite, or Celestine, is a Strontium Sulfate that forms in sedimentary environments, particularly in evaporite deposits. It occurs globally in various locations, with Madagascar, Mexico, & the United States being the most notable sources. While admired for its heavenly sky-blue hue, it can also display colours such as white, pale yellow-green, light red, brown or colourless. Strontium compounds derived from Celestite are used in a range of applications, including flares, ceramic magnets & glass manufacturing. Interestingly, it is also a common ingredient in fireworks, gifting them with a brilliant purple-red hue.

Metaphysical Properties:

Speaking of lighting up the skies, this stone is known for its divine connection with heavens above. With its soft sky-blue colour, Celestite holds an ethereal energy, bringing with it quietness, harmony, inner peace & purity. It can soothe fiery emotions & settle anxiety & worry, as well as enhance psychic gifts & cleanse the emotional body. This crystal can help you feel connected to the Universe. It opens up the doorway between our world & the spiritual realm, allowing you to connect & communicate more freely with your spirit guides & guardian angels. Its sweet, gentle energy makes it the perfect stone to encourage sleep, or to have near restless children. 

How to use:

Hold near when needing guidance, calmness & quiet. Place near your bedside table to bring restful sleep & good dreams. Use while meditating to encourage spiritual messages & angelic connection.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight & should avoid contact with water.

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