Also known as: The Artist's Stone

courage - confidence - vitality - energy - motivation - encourages action - passion - creative self-expression - sexuality - warmth

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History & Origin:

Carnelian is a translucent orange to brownish red variety of Chalcedony, closely related to Sard (a more dark red variety) & Sardonyx (containing dark-brown bands of Onyx.) A popular semiprecious gemstone, this crystal owes its colour to Iron Oxide & it can be found in a wide range of locations. Carnelian, previously known as Cornelian, has long been associated with Kings. Since ancient times, many people have considered it a lucky stone, from the Egyptian's who wore this gem to ward off the Evil Eye, to the 18th century English & French royal courts, who wore Carnelian brooches & jewellery as a message of good fortune. Additionally, its deep orange-red hue has granted it associations with blood & commonly used as a healing stone for blood-related conditions.

Metaphysical Properties:

Known as a stone of motivation, creativity, luck, endurance, leadership & courage, Carnelian has protected & inspired people throughout history. Reminiscent of the setting sun, this bold crystal holds a warm, vibrant, glowing energy within. It brings timid speakers strength, courage & confidence to speak up, & can help anyone overcome the fear of public speaking. It enhances self-esteem, inspires creative expression & reveals hidden talents. This crystal brings motivation, power & vitality, assisting you in taking action towards your goals. Carnelian can be used to enhance passion, love, & desire in all areas of your life. It can ignite, or re-ignite, romantic relationships or boost fertility & sexuality. Carnelian alleviates jealousy, & is especially helpful for overcoming anxieties, & emotional eating habits.

How to use:

Bring one with you to enhance confidence, power & reduce fear when public speaking or performing. Carry one with you to reduce feelings of tiredness & discouragement. Keep in your home to inspire warmth, creativity, passion & love.

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