Caribbean Calcite

Also Known As: Blue-Green Calcite

calming - aids clear & honest communication - connection to spirit - healing - releases overwhelming emotions - enhances intuition - inner understanding

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History & Origin:

Caribbean Calcite is a beautiful turquoise coloured calcite, newly found in Pakistan. It is named after the stunning blue Caribbean waters that its pattern & colour resembles. This stone contains both Calcite & Aragonite, & therefore shares many similar healing properties with Blue Aragonite.

Metaphysical Properties:

 Like the calm, blue sea, this stone can invite feelings of stillness, bliss & soothe overwhelming emotions. It can support open & honest communication, as well as open spiritual contact between the Spirit World. This is the perfect stone for inviting relaxation & serenity into your space, helping you to wind down after a stressful & overwhelming day. It releases anxiety, worry & anger, replacing them with acceptance, empathy & peace. Resonating with both the Third Eye & Throat Chakras, this crystal can help you connect to your spirit, & allow you to better communicate & understand your truest self. This stone can also assist you in interpreting symbols within dreams, as well as guide you towards exploring your higher conscious.

How to use:

Hold while meditating or in a silent moment to connect & receive spiritual insight. Place in your room or workspace to bring peace, stillness & relaxation. Carry with you to encourage truthful, clear & calm communication.

! Due to its softness, this stone should avoid contact with water & direct sunlight.