Candle Magic: The Meaning Behind Candle Colours & More ♢

Candle magic embodies the essence of alchemy, encompassing the representation of all elemental forces. The flame represents fire, the air feeds it, the melted wax represents the fluidity of water, & the cooled wax symbolises the solidness of earth. These elements blend together in a powerful practice called candle magic.

Used over centuries as a tool for rituals, worship, meditation & spell-work, this well-loved practice welcomes beginners with its simplicity, approachability & affordability. When we light a candle, we create a powerful link between the physical & spiritual realms. Colour also plays key role, with each candle hue holding its own distinct & unique power. By burning a candle of a specific colour, we seek to unlock the energy it stores within in order to enhance our intentions & manifestations. Explore the different colour associations below in order to find the perfect candle for your specific purpose:

recommended for attraction spells


passion, energy, sexuality, fire, root chakra, assertiveness, speed, brings fast results in spell work, lust, life-force, action, motivation

Associated with: Mars, Aries, Scorpio, Tuesday

recommended for success spells


creativity, opening doors, success, inspiration, strength, sacral chakra, celebration, positivity, attraction, opportunity

Associated with: Sun, Leo, Sunday

recommended for knowledge spells


mental clarity, intellect, air element, memory, learning, focus, happiness, solar plexus chakra, persuasion

Associated with: Mercury, Gemini, Virgo, Wednesday

recommended for money spells


healing, new beginnings, prosperity, abundance, good luck, money, growth, heart chakra, fertility, nature

Associated with: Venus, Taurus, Libra, Friday

recommended for truth spells


tranquillity, communication, loyalty, meditation, relaxation, throat chakra, patience, purpose, harmony, water element

Associated with: Jupiter, Sagittarius, Pisces, Thursday

recommended for guidance spells


spirituality, wisdom, magic, communication with spirits, guidance, third eye & crown chakra, hidden knowledge, awakening

Associated with: Neptune, Jupiter, Sagittarius, Pisces, Thursday

recommended for self-love spells


love, romance, relationships, nurturing, emotional healing, self-acceptance, forgiveness, connection, compassion, beauty

Associated with: Venus, Taurus, Libra, Friday

recommended for healing spells


peace, purity, healing, unity, regeneration, truth, all-purpose, blessings, higher self, enlightenment

Associated with: Moon, Cancer, Monday

recommended for banishing spells


protection, binding, banishing negativity, letting go, endings, unconscious, death, remembrance, deep meditation, absorbing

Associated with: Saturn, Capricorn, Aquarius, Saturday

recommended for grounding spells


grounding, security, home protection, animals, earth connection, friendship, material success, finding lost items, searching, concentration

Associated with: Saturn, Capricorn, Scorpio, Saturday

  • 1

    As with all magical workings, it is important to set a clear goal before you begin. Reflect within & ask yourself, what are you seeking to manifest? You may wish to write down what you hope to attract/release onto paper to use within your ritual.

  • 2

    Before you start your magic, decide what colour & size candle (or combination of candles) will work best alongside your intention. If you can't decide on a colour, a White Candle will work perfectly. Small Wish Candles also work great for simple spells.

  • 3

    Choose a time & space where you won't be distracted or interrupted. Set a clear plan of what your spell will entail. Cleanse your area & tools before you begin, including your candle/s.

  • 4

    To amplify the magic of your spell, you may wish to anoint your candle with small crystals, dried herbs or natural/essential oils that align with your purpose. When dressing with oils start in the middle of your candle & rub upwards to attract, or down to banish. You might also wish to carve sigils, letters, symbols or words into your candle.

  • 5

    Get in the zone, clear your mind, &, when you're ready, light your candle. Visualise your goal as you watch the flame burn. Send your wishes out into the Universe with belief & gratitude.

  • 6

    Allow your candle to burn down completely, or use a candle snuffer or your finger to extinguish the flame once you feel the spell has been completed. Avoid blowing out your candle as it may blow away your intention!

Candle Divination

Candles can also serve as a deeply intuitive divination tool within your practice. They act as messengers, carrying mysterious guidance & providing glimpses into other realms beyond our own. Through their flickering flames, candles offer profound insights into your life's path & into the unfolding of your intentions. By closely observing the flame's movement, the way the wax melts, & the residue it leaves behind, you may be able to interpret symbolic messages or gain profound insights into the past, present, & future. Discover below different methods & ways of interpreting the subtle language of your candles:

Candle Gazing

Candle gazing, also known as fire scrying, is an ancient divination technique that involves focusing on the flames of a fire to gain insights, visions, & symbolic messages. By fixating on the dancing flame & easing the mind into a relaxed trance state, you allow yourself to tap into the depths of your subconscious, opening a window to the realms of the unknown & inviting profound insights to emerge. Visual images, symbols or stories may reveal themselves to you in the flames, or you may hear sounds or messages within the crackling of the fire.

You may also find this practice helpful during meditation. Known as Trataka, letting your gaze fall upon the flame can prove deeply relaxing & can hold the attention of those who's minds may often wander.

Interpreting The Flame

Pyromancy, the divination of a candle's flame, holds a profound significance in the realm of mysticism. From the speed your candle burns to the steadiness of your flame, each subtlety of your candle holds meaning & insight.

Steady, growing flame: your intention is manifesting. Expect positive results.

Weak, small flame: there may be some current blockages impacting you & your intention. It can also signify low energy which can indicate a longer time to reach your goals or more patience needed.

Strong, large flame: indicates magic is working hard in your favour. Results are likely to come quickly & powerfully. Take note if your candle burns very fast as it may suggest the magic of your intention is only temporary.

Candle won't light or extinguishes unexplainably: it may not be the appropriate time to manifest your desires, or it could signify that the spirits have heard your intentions & are advising you to let things be for now. Your intention might already be in motion, outside your control, or you may have already unknowingly reached what you have been searching for.

The flame (almost) vanishes & returns: you may need to be clearer with your intention or choose a different time where your energy is more focused. Release conflicting thoughts. Restate or rephrase.

Wavy, dancing flame: high, chaotic energy is present. A dancing flame suggests great success, but with some complications along the way. It can indicate twists or an unforeseen outcome.

Erratic, flickering flame: spirit guides or loved ones are near. Your prayers have been acknowledged by a higher power.

Candle will not extinguish: the ritual is not over, something more needs to be done.

Candle flame burns blue or white: a powerful spirit, angel or deity is here to support you.

Noisy, popping, crackling flame: there are spirits present in the room, & they would like to speak to you. Be open to their message & guidance. It may also suggest someone is trying to interfere with your intention.

Multiple or split flames: dual flames can suggest an opposition or someone/something is involved with your energy & intention.

Reading The Smoke

Capnomancy, also known as smoke divination, is a form of divination that involves interpreting the shapes, movements, & patterns of smoke produced by burning materials such as incense, herbs, or candles. It is believed that smoke carries symbolic messages & insights from the spiritual realm, which is why it can prove valuable to understand the significance of each pattern or movement.

Smoke drifts towards you: if you are seeking to draw or attract something to you, such as prosperity or love, this is an incredibly positive sign. If instead you are performing a cord-cutting ritual, sending something away from you or releasing negativity, this can indicate it has not been successful.

Smoke drifts away from you: your inward intention is escaping your grasp. However if your spell is directed outward towards another, such as a healing spell, this may instead be a positive sign. Use other indicators such as colour & shape to confirm its meaning.

White puffs of smoke or soot: a blessing. Benevolent spirits are assisting & your wishes will be granted.

Black puffs of smoke or soot: a negative energy or force is in your way. You may need to perform a cleansing ritual before you try again. (note: Black smoke may occur logically for candles with a long wick or with certain additives.)

Find Meanings In The Wax

Ceromancy, the practice of divining through melted wax, can provide valuable information regarding the outcomes of your spell or ritual. By closely examining the shapes, formations, & residue left behind by the melted wax, you may discover insight on the effectiveness & potential results of your magical endeavours or desired intentions. Once you candle has burned, take note of the clumps of wax or drippings to unveil hidden letters, numbers, pictures, or abstract forms. Wax reading can also be done in a similar way to tea readings, where wax is dripped into water to reveal answers. Always remember that there is no right or wrong ways to interpret the candle wax, so have fun.

Clear burn with no wax drips or a smooth wax puddle: may indicate a well-received intention (or might simply be a sign of an evenly positioned candle wick - use your intuition & other indicators to decide.)

Wax drips to just one side: something is out of balance. If it falls to the left (in relation to you), there is a physical/emotional imbalance or something holding you in the past. To the right, indicates your thoughts are incongruent or future-thinking is getting in your way.

Wax flows clockwise: you are attracting positive forces with your spell.

Wax flows counter-clockwise: something is moving away from you. If your intention is for another, this may mean it is positively reaching for them.

Candle wax back flow: occurs when wax pools, leaving behind a smooth & concave shape or indentation. Your wishes may be half-realised. There may be a broken promise, deal not followed through on or something that begins will be undone. Not necessarily a bad sign.

Curling wax: something of someone is being tangled up in your magic.

Wax bubbles: hidden information or secrets that align with your intention will be brought to the surface.

Black pieces appear in melted wax: candle crumbs are little black specks in your wax that can indicate consequences or a successful spell that carries some heaviness/a weighty lesson.

A candle explodes, falls, breaks, or some other candle mishap occurs: your intention has been rejected by a greater force. Cleanse your area.

Cascade waterfall of candle wax layers: signifies change & movement towards your intention.

Letters or numbers: Letters may indicate names of people or places in your life. Numbers may signify dates, times or might even hold meanings rooted in numerology.

Pictures or symbols: Decipher what these images mean in relation to your intention. For example: a heart in a love spell is a positive omen, a wolf shape may indicate an animal spirit is supporting you, a butterfly might signify transformation etc.