Calligraphy Stone

Also known as: Elephant Skin Jasper, Miriam Stone

higher knowledge - learning - wisdom - overcome loneliness - travel - automatic writing -  inspiration - positivity - karmic lessons

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History & Origin:

Calligraphy Stone, also known as Elephant Skin Jasper or Miriam Stone, is an unusual mineral comprised of fossilised shells, vegetation & bones from an ancient swamp - & likely some Hematite as well. Found mainly in the Himalayan Mountains & estimated to be around 1 million years old, this captivating gem displays a fascinating pattern, reminiscent of ancient writings.

Metaphysical Properties:

Calligraphy Stone is said to be useful for writers & can be used to ease writer’s block as well as stimulate automatic writing. It can invoke creativity inspiration, learning & passion for knowledge. Connected to both the Solar Plexus & Third Eye Chakras, this stone helps you uncover lessons related to your spiritual growth. It helps you better understand karmic patterns, access the Akashic records & connect with the higher wisdom of your soul. Additionally, this crystal assists in overcoming loneliness & can encourage you to love your own company. With its vibrant warm colour, Calligraphy Stone can colour your world with optimism, excitement & positivity. A powerful travel companion, this gem can also bring discovery & illumination on your adventures abroad. 

How to use:

Use for scrying - stare into the stone & discover the messages & meanings you seek within its intricate patterns. Carry with you to uncover spiritual wisdom during your travels. Keep at your place of work or study to inspire learning, positivity & inspiration.