Brown Aragonite

strength - heals old wounds - stability - moving forwards - responsibility & discipline - understanding - increases self-worth - punctuality & patience

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History & Origin:

Brown Aragonite is a carbonate mineral that is commonly found in hot springs & limestone caves. It gets its name from where it was first discovered in the Molina de Aragón region, Spain, in 1788. This mineral is the main ingredient in limestone & chalk, as well as the shells & skeletons of marine creatures, corals & even pearls. It can be found in various locations including Austria, Morocco, Peru, Spain, & the US. Notably, Aragonite & Calcite share the same chemical composition, however, their crystal structures differ due to forming in slightly different geological conditions.

Metaphysical Properties:

Brown Aragonite is known for its ability to inspire patience & stability. It carries the deep healing powers of the Earth, allowing you to feel grounded & supported wherever you go. Aragonite brings inner understanding & patience, as well as helps you to feel balanced emotionally & spiritually. This stone helps you stand strong & centred through changes & challenges. If you often find yourself stuck in the past, or constantly revisiting painful memories, this stone can bring you the strength to move forward & focus on what is important here in the present. It is the perfect crystal for anyone feeling stuck in regret, guilt, heartbreak or old patterns. Because of its ability to inspire responsibility, self-confidence & discipline, it is also a great crystal for teens transitioning to adulthood.

How to use:

Carry with you to increase self-worth & inspire discipline, punctuality & responsibility in your day-to-day routine. Bring with you on a walk in nature or outdoor meditation to feel connected & supported by Mother Nature. Hold in your hand to bring healing, release the past & encourage you to be present in the moment.

Aragonite Sputnik

Aragonite Sputnik, also called Star Cluster or Golfball Aragonite, is a unique variety of Aragonite from Morocco that displays a radiating formation. This twinned arrangement resembles the appearance of the famous Russian satellite 'Sputnik,' which inspired its nickname. Often coloured a deep red or brown, this stone carries the brightness & power of a mighty star. It encourages you to shine brightly & embrace your inner light.

! Please handle with care, this stone should avoid contact with water.