Also known as: Stone of Courtesy

promotes kindness, generosity & service - dissolves unhealthy attachments - grounding - courage - returns negative energy back to sender - warrior strength - confidence

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History & Origin:

Bronzite is a ferriferous variety of Enstatite with an enchanting sparkling glittery, bronze appearance. Often found in igneous rocks, this iron-bearing mineral can be discovered in various locations around the world such as the USA, Austria, South Africa, Burma, Norway, Greenland & India.

Metaphysical Properties:

This vibrant stone holds a fighting spirit that can inspire strength, confidence & fearlessness. It is best known for its incredible ability to eliminate negative energy & send any bad vibes back to sender. It shields from psychic attacks, jealousy & gossip directed towards you from others. Bronzite can help alleviate nervous energy & strengthen decision making skills & self-esteem. Additionally, this stone can illuminate areas of your life that need fixing & motivate you to take action towards change. It releases self-doubt, insecurity & resistance, & replaces them with self-belief, motivation & action. Known as the ‘Courtesy Stone’, Bronzite can promote politeness, generosity & being of assistance for others. This crystal acts as an anchor to the Earth. It helps you stay grounded & supported, while also cutting away any unhealthy attachments holding you back.

How to use:

Keep nearby to stay protected from bad energy & negativity. Carry with you when trying new things - such as a date or a new job - to bring confidence, ease self-doubt & inspire courage.

! This stone should avoid contact with water.