Blue Opal

Also known as: Andean Blue Opal, Blue Peruvian Opal

calming - reduces stress - promotes sleep - helps words & ideas flow freely - eases tension - brings love & magic to relationships - healing - lifts mood - assists in discovering your spiritual home

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History & Origin:

The most common variety of Blue Opal is the relatively rare Blue Peruvian Opal, found solely in the Andes mountains near San Patricio, Peru. It is the national stone of Peru, & while it may not display the same kind of fiery play of light as other precious opals, it possesses a beautiful translucent & iridescent quality, with a soft blue hue (caused by irregular microscopic inclusions of copper) & occasional dark fern-like inclusions. Like all other types of opal, this stone is not actually a mineral, but instead an amorphous mineraloid. Note that Blue Opal may also refer to other blue varieties of the opal from across the world from places such as Brazil (Paraiba Opal), Slovakia, Indonesia, Australia (Blue Fire Opal) & the United States (Owyhee Opal.)

Metaphysical Properties:

Blue Peruvian Opal is a stone of relaxation & peace, easing any tension, fears or worries in your life. It is associated with the Earth Mother & Goddess of richness & fertility, Pachamama, bringing a connection to the land & nature. This stone increases awareness of the need to heal the Earth & the journey to find your place within it. If you have been struggling to feel at home where you currently reside, this stone can guide you towards the perfect location, where your soul will feel most at home. Blue Peruvian Opal is particularly useful within relationships, bringing healing, open communication & a spark of magic. Connected to both the Heart & Throat Chakras, Blue Opal encourages you to speak from the heart, & helps words, thoughts & ideas flow easily.

How to use:

Hold in your hand to inspire peace, ease tension & encourage healing. If you are in the process of moving locations, carry Blue Opal with you to feel guided towards your perfect home. Keep in your space to encourage magic, open communication & love in your relationships.

! Since some Blue Opals have a high water content & are sensitive to temperature changes, it is best to avoid contact with direct sunlight.

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