Blue Aventurine

Also known as: Blue Quartz

calming - activates psychic abilities - healing - aids communication - eases bad habits & addictive behaviours - clear decision making - selflessness - self-discipline - patience - taking responsibility

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History & Origin:

Blue Aventurine is a light to deep blue variety of microcrystalline quartz, which likely gets its hue from either Amphibole or Dumortierite inclusions. Most types of Aventurine display a shimmering or glistening appearance (often referred to as aventurescence) which is commonly caused flakes of brilliant Mica or other reflective minerals. While most Aventurine on the market comes from mines throughout Brazil, this stone can also be commonly found in Russia & India.

Metaphysical Properties:

Blue Aventurine resonates with both the Third Eye & Throat Chakras, boosting spiritual communication & stimulating psychic abilities. This crystal acts as a supportive friend through times of healing & recovery. It encourages willpower, responsibility, discipline & clarity, making it especially helpful to those struggling with addiction, bad habits or destructive patterns. Known as the Aries stone, Blue Aventurine can ease impatience & restlessness, which are common traits associated with the sign of Aries. By encouraging patience & endurance, it can help you to work slowly & steadily towards your dream self. It is a highly beneficial stone for anyone struggling with anger outbursts or overwhelming emotions, as it allows you to slow down & think over your words before taking action. Its soft blue hue inspires stillness & quiet, relaxing the mind, body & soul.

How to use:

Place over the Third Eye & Throat Chakra to stimulate psychic gifts & encourage thoughtful & clear communication. Hold in your hand during overwhelming moments to ease frustration & impatience. Display in your home to inspire discipline & healthy habits.