Black Tourmaline

Also known as: Schorl, The Protection Stone

protection - purifying - removes blockages - grounding - dissolves worries - shields you from negative energy - spiritual strength - mastering fear

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History & Origin:

There are many shades of Tourmaline, but none more protective than Black Tourmaline. Also known as Schorl, this lustrous dark stone was given its name in 1400 A.D. by villagers from the small town of Schorl in Saxony, Germany. Tourmaline is referred to as a complex boro-silicate that often takes the form of long columnar crystals with triangular cross-sections & striped surfaces. All forms of Tourmaline are valued for both their pyroelectric (holds electrical charge when heated) & piezoelectric (holds charge under pressure) properties. Ancient civilisations across the world shared a similar interpretation of this stone, regarding it as one of protection & purification, & often using it as a talisman to shield against evil forces.

Metaphysical Properties:

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly powerful & grounding stone, known for its uses as a crystal of protection. Revered by Ancient Magicians, Black Tourmaline has been used for hundreds of years as a shield against negative energy & psychic attacks. It inspires healing, spiritual strength, inner power & self-confidence. It can transform pessimistic thoughts or feelings into hopeful, positive ones. This stone is a perfect companion to help you move through challenges & blockages with ease, acting as a guard
& releasing the overwhelming need to constantly ‘watch your back’. It cleanses & clears not only your energy, but also the energy within your space.

How to use:

Carry one with you to protect, deflect & shield against negativity. Hold in your hand to bring a feeling of power, security & strength.

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