Black Moonstone

Also known as: Grey Moonstone

divine power - uncovering mysteries - intuition - spell work - new moon energy - self-reflection - femininity - shields negativity - psychic protection - brings new beginnings

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History & Origin:

Black Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicate that belongs to the feldspar group. With it’s beautiful shimmering surface, (known as adularescence) it is no wonder why the Ancient Romans believed Moonstone was formed from frozen moonlight, with Black Moonstone, in particular, holding a strong connection to the New Moon.

Metaphysical Properties:

This is a stone of fresh starts, inviting new ideas, beginnings & opportunities into your life. A stone of femininity & power, Black Moonstone uncovers the Dark Goddess hidden within. It reveals secrets, shadows, mysteries & answers, illuminating your inner power & truth, just as the moon illuminates the night sky. Black Moonstone can inspire self-discovery & inner reflection. It encourages you to look deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, repressed or hidden within. It assists you in facing your shadow self with understanding, bravery & compassion, allowing healing into your life. This stone is a powerful repellent against negativity, making it highly protective & perfect for anyone who is easily drained from other people’s energy.

How to use:

Harness the energy of Black Moonstone under a New Moon to strengthen the power of your intentions. Carry with you to invite new beginnings into your life, & bring you strength & courage on your journey ahead. Hold during meditation to encourage self-reflection, illumination & shadow-self healing.