Black Kyanite

psychic development - eases conflict - grounding - cutting cords - protection - dream recall - restores life force - eliminates negativity - awakening

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History & Origin:

Black Kyanite is a aluminium silicate belonging to the Kyanite - Nesosilicate group. It typically crystallises in elongated bladed structures, forming long, flattened, & striated crystals. Black Kyanite is primarily sourced from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, which is renowned for its abundant mineral deposits. However, it can also be found in Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Burma, India, Myanmar & Kenya.

Metaphysical Properties:

Black Kyanite is a high-vibration stone that has the powerful ability to align & balance all chakras. Since it doesn’t hold negative energy, Black Kyanite is one of the few minerals that does not need recharging or cleansing. This unique gem is known as a powerful protector. It can clear away negative energy, healing you on an emotional, spiritual & physical level. If you often find yourself picking up on the unpleasant vibes of unfamiliar people or places around you, Black Kyanite can act as a shield of protective armour & encourage you to feel safe, supported & comforted wherever you go. This stone is loved by healers for its incredible ability to mend chakras, sever unhealthy energetic ties & sweep away any negativity. It aids in manifestation, visions, & clairvoyance, awakening the exploration of the subconscious & dream worlds. Furthermore, Black Kyanite can support communication by soothing conflicts & misunderstandings, as well as ground, restore & revive spiritual energy.

How to use:

Use during energy healing or meditation to realign chakras, body & spirit. Sweep away negativity by brushing this stone over your aura. Carry with you to enhance psychic gifts & shield you from negativity.