soothes loneliness - spiritual journeying - vivid dreams & visions - change & adaptation - helps achieve your goals - energy & action - imagination & invention


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History & Origin:

Bismuth is a metallic mineral rarely found in crystallised form in nature. Composed of the element (Bi) of the same name, it naturally exhibits a metallic-white colour with a slight pinkish hue. The element Bismuth was officially discovered in 1753 by Claude Geoffrey Junine, but actually found use during the Middle Ages, & within Ancient China, Greece, Rome & Egypt. It has a variety of modern uses, but is probably best known as the main ingredient in Pepto-Bismol! Because of its rarity, most Bismuth specimens are lab-grown. These man-made gems showcase a rainbow iridescence & unique hopper crystal formation.

Metaphysical Properties:

Bismuth carries an energetic vibration that can bring action, soothe isolation or loneliness & allow you to feel connected to all of humanity. This gem can support you through transition & encourage you to make transformations & changes as you work towards your life goals. Connected to both the physical & spiritual planes, it can carry your soul on a wonderful, insightful journey - making it a powerful meditation, astral travel & sleep companion. Its vibrant energy can encourage vivid, exciting dreams, filled with messages & signs from the Universe. Interestingly, Bismuth carries a deep connection to scientists, practical thinkers & inventors, inspiring new ideas & new discoveries.

How to use:

Carry with you to combat low energy or lethargy. Stare into its hypnotising mirror pattern or use during meditation to boost visualisation & imagination. Keep in your home to soothe feelings of loneliness as well as encourage you to dream big & achieve your goals.

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