Also known as: Chessylite, Heaven Stone

psychic development - opens the Third Eye - inner wisdom - heavenly guidance - hidden intuition - cosmic connection - truth - mysticism - dissolves energy blockages - awakens your warrior spirit

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History & Origin:

Azurite is a vibrant yet delicate blue copper carbonate hydroxide mineral that was named after the Persian word ‘لاژورد lāžaward’. Malachite is another copper carbonate mineral that forms under conditions similar to Azurite, & therefore these minerals are often found intergrown with one another, sometimes even alongside Chrysocolla. Since Ancient times, this rich midnight-blue crystal has been regarded as a sacred stone of mysticism & celestial power. Azurite was used by Ancient people as an ore of copper, as well as a blue pigment in both Ancient Egypt & in 15th to 17th-century Europe. It can be found in localities such as France, Germany, USA, Australia, Mexico & England.

Metaphysical Properties:

Known as the ‘Stone of Heaven’, Azurite is said to unlock the heavenly gates & set you on a path towards your highest self. Connected to the cosmos, it holds within the wisdom & knowledge of the Universe. There is no greater crystal than Azurite to work alongside with if you are seeking to awaken the Third Eye Chakra. This swirling blue stone can support you along your spiritual quest. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Azurite can uncover hidden abilities & strengthen your intuition, psychic powers, & connection to the spirit world. By illuminating your spiritual potential, Azurite can open your eyes to the truth within & surrounding you. Like the deep sea it resembles, this stone can encourage you to delve into the depths of your soul in order to move beyond shallowness, illusion or worldly concerns. It removes any internal blockages that are standing in the way of you & your sacred, most powerful self.

How to use:

Lightworkers, clairvoyants, spiritual healers, or those just setting out on their spiritual journey should keep a piece near to inspire guidance, spiritual wisdom & heavenly connection. Meditate with Azurite to bring truth, heighten awareness & dissolve inner blockages.

! Due to its softness, this stone should avoid contact with direct sunlight (as it may turn green/black) & prolonged contact with water.