Also known as: Stichtite in Serpentine

compromise - unity - awakens kundalini energy - ancient wisdom - past lives - channelling higher vibrations - spiritual evolution - emotional healing - love

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History & Origin:

Atlantisite is a unique & uncommon combination of Stichtite & Serpentine. Discovered fairly recently in 1910, this bright green & purple spotted stone is found exclusively in Stichtite Hill, a small hilltop locality in Zeehan, Tasmania. This material may also contain Chromite & Magnetite. The combination of Stichtite & Serpentine can be found in other locations, however the name Atlantisite is used solely for the material emerging out of Tasmania. It is sometimes mistakenly called Tasmanite.

Metaphysical Properties:

This crystal has a powerful connection to ancient civilisations. It holds the wisdom of the past, making it the perfect stone for accessing knowledge & lessons from past lives. It promotes harmony, unity & compromise in relationships, helping to ease disagreements & calmly settle disputes. This stone inspires compassion & promotes emotional maturity & healing. It removes debris & negativity, helping you to recognise & heal any damaging patterns or behaviours you hold. Atlantisite activates the Kundalini serpent fire within. It ignites psychic power, strengthens your connection to higher beings, & pushes you towards a spiritual evolution.

How to use:

Place in your home to bring tranquillity, harmony & peace to your environment. Hold in your hand to bring solutions to interpersonal conflicts & ease disagreements. Place over Crown or Heart Chakra to bring ancient wisdom, encourage inner healing & tap into past lives.