Also known as: Firework Stone

manifestation - release - mastering fear - brings structure - encourages emotional transparency - adapting - future insight - removes blockages

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History & Origin:

Arfvedsonite is an uncommon mineral, often coloured a deep black, although it can sometimes contain flashes of blue, green, or red. It was officially discovered in 1823 & was named after Swedish chemist Johan August Arfwedson. Arfvedsonite can be found in small deposits in Canada, Greenland, Russia, USA, Germany, Norway & South Africa. This mineral is commonly mistaken or mislabelled as Nuummite or Astrophyllite.

Metaphysical Properties:

Arfvedsonite is a powerful manifestation crystal, that guides you towards your dreams & purpose in a structured & productive manner. It removes apprehension of the unknown & helps overcome deep-seated fears stopping you from moving forward. This stone can release any negativity or blockages surrounding you, especially those carried from the past. It inspires emotional strength, encouraging you to be open & honest, to others & to yourself, in how you feel. Arfvedsonite is a stone for psychics, healers & those wishing to enhance their connection to the spirit world. It can open the Third Eye Chakra, & enhance intuition & spiritual communication. In fact, Arfvedsonite can help you look far into the future to receive insight & guidance. This is the perfect stone for anyone who is feeling stuck in the past, or struggling to see what their future may hold. It creates a clear image of what could be, & inspires you to plan clearly & work diligently towards your dream life.

How to use:

Gaze into this stone to receive future insight & guidance. Carry with you to repel negativity, & fear. Send it your intentions to bring manifestation & help remove any obstacles & blockages that stand in the way of your dreams.