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History & Origin:

Aquamarine is a blue to sea-green variety of Beryl, that usually forms in mineral-rich pegmatite rocks. Although it is often faceted into fine jewellery pieces, this gem’s incredible natural hexagonal formation is highly valued by collectors. Its name is derived from the Latin word 'aqua marina,' meaning ‘colour of the sea’, referring to its stunning ocean hues. In ancient times, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids or sirens & was often used to bring protection to merchants & sailors out at sea. It was also known as an "oracle" crystal during the Middle Ages, used as a tool for divination. The value of Aquamarine is often determined by its colour & clarity, with transparent, rich blue varieties being most desired. It is often heat treated to enhance its colour. Currently, the highest quality Aquamarine specimens come out of Brazil, Pakistan & Afghanistan, though they can also be found in the United States, Australia, Russia & throughout Africa. Aquamarine is the 19th anniversary gemstone, as well as the birthstone for March.

Metaphysical Properties:

Just like the soothing ocean waters it is named after, this stone can inspire feelings of serenity, peace & stillness. It is known for its incredible cleansing properties & its ability to bring openness, compassion, trust & communication. This stone can calm anxiety & help you speak with ease & composure. Because of this, it is an excellent stone for teachers or public presenters. It brings emotional clarity, strengthens instinct & can help you see things & people for what they truly are. This stone inspires a quiet courage, allowing you to step out of the shadows & into the shining light. It encourages you to speak your truth & gives you the strength to let go of anything holding you down.

How to use:

Place in your home to bring stillness, relaxation & peace. Carry with you to ease anxiety when communicating or speaking in front of a crowd. Place over throat to encourage you to speak your truth.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight.

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