Apache Tears

Also known as: Obsidianite, Marekanite, Obsidian Tears

strength through adversity - emotional healing - comfort - learning - acceptance - absorbs negativity - protection - soul lessons - supports those who are grieving

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History & Origin:

Apache Tears are small round pebbles made of the mineraloid Obsidian, a variety of dark-coloured volcanic glass. This stone is mainly found in the western United States, especially in Arizona & Nevada. Its name comes from a Native American legend which tells the story of a group of Apache Warriors who tragically met their end. Upon hearing the news, the families mourned the death of their loved ones, their tears turning to stones when they touched the ground, scattering across the desert. Apache Tears hold a great significance to the Apache people, & it is encouraged to delve deeper into the mythology & history of this tribe in order to form a better understanding of this stone.

Metaphysical Properties:

Because of this stone’s association with mourning & loss, it is known to bring solace & comfort during times of grief. It holds a gentle, comforting energy which can aid emotional healing. These stones hold strength & solidarity, encouraging you to push forward through hardship. Whether you are mourning the loss of a loved one, a traumatic experience, a past relationship or even a missing part of yourself, Obsidian Tears will be a shoulder to cry on. It takes on your sadness, anger & pain, & turns it into hope, wisdom & guidance. This stone encourages you to shed your tears of sorrow so that light can shine once again.

How to use:

Since its absorbs negativity, this stone should be cleansed often. Tell this stone your worries & listen to its guidance. Hold in your hand to welcome grief, sadness & sorrow in order to heal. Carry with you to bring strength, protection & support through hardship.