Also known as: Blue Anhydrite

soothing - peaceful - invites connection with spirit guides & angels - eases stress, fear & anger - brings clear communication - truth - forgiveness

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History & Origin:

Angelite, also known as Blue Anhydrite, is a beautiful & gentle lilac-blue coloured stone, that can sometimes display snow-white flecks or rusty brown inclusions. It is a form of Anhydrite, a calcium sulfate crystal that forms in evaporated deposits of gypsum. Anhydrite gets its name from the Greek word enhydras, meaning "without water," due to the absence of water in its crystallisation. Angelite was first discovered in 1987 in Peru, but is now mined in several locations including Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Mexico, & Egypt.

Metaphysical Properties:

Angelite holds a peaceful energy, that can inspire feelings of serenity, empathy, forgiveness & relaxation. Known as the ‘Gateway Stone,’ this crystal can connect you to the Universe & open the gates between you & your highest self. Angelite is strongly connected to the Angelic Realm & can bring clear communication with higher beings, loved ones & spirit guides. A perfect stone for use in healing & meditation, it can strengthen intuition, enhance spiritual awareness & release emotional blockages. Angelite can bring a sense of calm, lessening stress & worry, & inviting restful sleep & good dreams. Connected strongly to the Throat Chakra, it can also inspire you to speak up & be honest with yourself & with others.

How to use:

Place on a bedside table or under your pillow to bring relaxation & aid dream recall. Carry with you to bring tranquillity, forgiveness & ease anxiety, frustration & stress. Use in healing work or meditation to inspire healing, connection & spiritual communication.

! This stone should avoid contact with water since it absorbs moisture rapidly (It will convert back into gypsum!) Quick temperature changes may also cause it to crack or fracture.

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