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History & Origin:

Ammonites are not gemstones - but instead the fossilised remains of an ancient sea animal belonging to the cephalopod subclass Ammonoidea. They were a type of mollusc, associated closely to other marine life such as the squid, cuttlefish & octopus. These, now extinct, creatures existed up to 65 to 240 million years ago, living & likely dying alongside the dinosaurs. The name “Ammonite” comes from “Ammon”, the name of an Egyptian God, who had coiled horns upon his head. Many different cultures throughout history believed Ammonites were divine & holy, often being connected with Gods, life energy or even snakes & dragons.

Metaphysical Properties:

Since they have existed on Earth for such a long time, far longer than us humans, Ammonites hold ancient wisdom & cosmic knowledge within. They connect deeply to the past, especially past lives, & can promote healing & understanding on a soul level. This beautiful spiral shell holds the energy of transformation, growth & change, encouraging you to step forwards towards your dreams. It can invite you to move through blockages with ease, as well as learn from past experiences & mistakes in order to grow & blossom. Not only does this coiled shape invoke positive change, it also helps to activate Kundalini or Divine Feminine energy - which sits at the base of the spine. These fossils are symbols of strength, perseverance, & longevity, & are believed to bring prosperity & abundance into your life.

How to use:

Ammonites are especially helpful during times of transition or major change. Carry with you to bring guidance, wisdom & prosperity on your path ahead. Meditate with one to bring past life insight & clarity for your future.

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