Also known as: The Sobriety Stone

stability - manifestation - enhances intuition - protective -
relieves stress - inspires creativity - promotes restful sleep - clears
negativity - spiritual evolution

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History & Origin:

Amethyst is a common variety of purple Quartz that comes from the Greek word “Amethystos,” which translates to “not intoxicated.” From its association with Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, to its heavenly significance in Revelations, it is fair to say this beautiful violet crystal has captured the attention of humankind for centuries. This magical violet stone contains trace amounts of iron & is usually found in the fractures & cavities of igneous rocks as geodes. Currently, most of the world's supply of Amethyst comes out South America, particularly Uruguay & Brazil, although it can be found across the world. Whilst dark coloured stones are usually the most valuable, some stunning varieties of lavender Amethyst have emerged out of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Brandberg Amethyst, which is blend of Amethyst, Clear & Smoky Quartz, from Namibia, Africa, is also highly sought after. Amethyst is the birthstone of February as well as the 33rd wedding anniversary gem.

Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst is an excellent & powerful all-purpose stone that eases stress, removes negativity & enhances intuitive abilities. Its calming energy allows the mind to slow down & concentrate, bringing answers, clarity & understanding. Connected to both the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, it brings spiritual awareness & intuition, making it a perfect meditation companion. Amethyst calms us if we are fearful & brings us positivity & light. It balances our moods & brings out our inner strength & determination. It also promotes a restful sleep & pleasant, insightful dreams.

How to use:

Place over your Third Eye to enhance abilities & encourage spiritual communication. Use during meditation or place on a bedside table for a calming, relaxing experience.

'Vera Cruz' Amethyst

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a special variety of purple Quartz found solely in Vera Cruz, Mexico. Often displaying a stunning soft, lavender colour & long, slender shape, this crystal is known for both its beauty & powerful spiritual properties. This high-vibration stone has a strong spiritual focus that vibrates outwards from its pointed termination/s, making it an especially useful tool in energy healing. Connected to the Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star Chakras, it brings divine spiritual awareness & heightens intuition, making it the perfect meditation companion. This is an exceptional stone for letting go of unwanted behaviours & discovering the true source of fears & blockages. Place the point over your Third Eye to enhance psychic abilities, encourage spiritual guidance & uncover higher wisdom.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst, also known as Dogtooth or Dream Amethyst, is a mixture of Amethyst & White Quartz, often displaying a distinct banding or “v” pattern. It combines the healing, enhancing abilities of White Quartz with the mystical, dreamy properties of Amethyst, making it a powerful crystal for working alongside the higher chakras, the higher realms & your higher self.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight.

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