Also known as: Fossil Resin

healing - protection - patience - inner child work - warmth - creativity - life energy - pride - comforting - uplifting - renewal - wisdom

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History & Origin:

Amber is not a true crystal - but instead the fossilised resin of ancient trees that date back to Jurassic times. This gem can sometimes contain preserved plants, feathers, seeds, insects & extinct animals immortalised within its golden form. The most common type is Baltic Amber, found in places such as Lithuania, Britain, Poland, Italy, & Germany. However, you can also find this gemstone in other localities like Myanmar, Indonesia or the Dominican Republic, which is home to the rare Blue Amber (which can either be blue in colour or fluoresce blue under uv!) This gem has been appreciated for thousands of years for its colour & natural beauty, commonly being utilised for jewellery, amulets & decoration. It has long been used as a talisman of protection & luck, & was often incorporated into folk medicine. Amber can acquire an electric charge when rubbed & is also known to have a beautiful pine aroma. Keep an eye out for young tree resins that are less than 30 million years old (sometimes known as copal) that are often incorrectly marketed as "amber."

Metaphysical Properties:

This warm, honey gem shines with a golden light, bringing joy, happiness & positivity to everything it touches. It inspires warmth, creativity & self-expression, encouraging you to tap into the child-like excitement we all hold within. This gem is often used to support those who are struggling with illness, as it can bring nurturing, strength & comfort. With its connection to ancient forests, this stone holds wisdom & knowledge from the past, as well as the powerful healing properties of the Earth. Carrying sunshine & life force within, it can inspire a renewed sense of purpose & instil a spark of hope during difficult times. It can remind you of your achievements & encourage you to be proud of all you have accomplished.

How to use:

Place Amber in the centre of your home to bring positivity, joy & warmth. Often found in jewellery, wear Amber to bring positive memories, inspiration & protection. Hold over Chakras to encourage balance, healing & renewal.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. Heat removes moisture, which can make it brittle.

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