Also known as: Amazonstone

calming - communication - truth - soothing - alleviates worry & fear - removes emotional blockages - healing - love & courage - dispels anger

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History & Origin:

Amazonite is a Potassium, Aluminium Silicate belonging to the Feldspar Group of Minerals. Often found in magnificent shades of green & blue, it was only recently discovered that this colour is the result of small quantities of lead & water within its form. It is named after the Amazon River, although no deposits have been found in that location. Amazonite held great importance to Ancient Egyptians, who used the stones as decoration in the palaces & tombs of the their Pharaohs.

Metaphysical Properties:

Amazonite is a soothing stone of quiet courage & truth, connected to the elements of earth & water. Like the turquoise green colour of a calm river, this vibrant stone encourages peace, serenity & tranquillity during stressful moments. It soothes anxiety, anger & self-destructive thoughts, lifting your self-esteem & bringing emotional healing. Amazonite motivates both the Heart & Throat Chakra, helping you to feel confident in your words & speak with love & truth. It invites trusting, honest people into your life & encourages you to be more open. When feeling disheartened or disappointed, Amazonite can spark hope, creative inspiration & imagination back into your life. Associated with the mythological Amazon warrior women, this stone also encourages you to embrace the same inner strength, fearlessness & bravery found within their stories.

How to use:

Place in your home to invite harmony, healing & peace into your space. Hold one with you to inspire quiet courage when feeling over-whelmed, anxious or fearful. Place above your Throat Chakra to encourage you to speak up honestly & openly. Keep one near your bed to soothe anxious thoughts & help drift you softly to sleep.

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