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History & Origin:

Afghanite is a very rare aluminosilicate mineral with a complex & unusual crystal structure. As its name implies, this beautiful stone was first discovered in the Sar-e-Sang, Badakhshan region of Afghanistan in 1968. This stone generally forms near Sodalite family minerals such as Hackmanite & Lazurite. Since its first discovery, deposits have been found in Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada & the United States.

Metaphysical Properties:

It vibrates at a high frequency, resonating with both the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, as well as the Soul Star Chakra. Afghanite is connected to the journey of your soul - it’s future, present & past. Because of this, it is the perfect crystal to use for accessing past life knowledge or spiritual wisdom. A highly intuitive stone, it can strengthen & awaken psychic abilities, as well as connect you to spirit guides & higher realms. This stone can sharpen the mind & encourage you to notice the small details or messages sent to you from the Universe. It can bring clear thinking as well as assist with sleep disturbances.

How to use:

Hold during meditation to receive clear visions & messages. Carry with you to feel guided by your soul & spiritually aligned. Place over your forehead to awaken higher chakras & enhance intuition & mental clarity.