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Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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The Spiritual Exploration Stone 

heightens psychic senses ~ deep meditation ~ clear communication ~ stillness ~ intuition ~ wisdom ~ authenticity ~ spiritual exploration ~ personal transformation

925 Sterling Silver  l  Price is for one pendant, exactly as pictured.
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Tanzanite holds a strong connection to the higher realms, boosting psychic senses, such as clairaudience & clairvoyance, & inviting visions of both the future & the past. Tanzanite is said to open the flow of energy between the Throat & Third-Eye, Crown & Etheric Chakras, making it a powerful companion for healers, counsellors or anyone who speaks aloud the wisdom of the Universe. It can invite clear, authentic & compassionate communication without being overwhelmed by emotion, worries or fears...

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